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Copy of Are You an Entrepreneur? How an Entrepreneur REALLY Thinks!

Unconventional Thinking

Entrepreneurs are action-oriented people. They don’t like being caught up in the small details of anything. They are the absolute BEST at starting anything, but probably the worst at staying with it. It’s not because they can’t, it’s just that new projects are so much more exciting!

They are unconventional in the way they think and the way they do things. They will change the way things are done, just because they can. They are adventurers, pioneers, and creative thinkers who have results as their primary goal.

Consider these qualities:

  1. Present moment mindset. They have no fear and spend zero time thinking about yesterday. They know that TODAY is where it all happens, they will start early and finish late to get ahead of any schedule, timescale, or competitor.

  2. Their work is an adventure. They have no concept of real work, because everything they do is FUN for them. The moment it begins to feel like work, they are gone. They are the first out of the door when the fun stops.

● This is why you’ll never find any real entrepreneur in an employee situation. They don’t like conforming to anyone else’s rules. They don’t like being told what to do, either. They are truly independent thinkers.

● Being an entrepreneur is almost like having an obsessive-compulsive mindset, which is why many have been described by family members as workaholics. The entrepreneurs themselves don’t see it like that, of course, but everyone around them does!

  1. Entrepreneurs are not great planners. It’s not because they can’t, it’s because planning more than a few steps ahead is pointless in their eyes. Rather than have any kind of detailed plan or blueprint to follow, they view business and even life itself as if they were driving down the freeway at night.

● You have your high-beam lights on that illuminate the next 200 yards of the highway. You can see what is happening in those 200 yards and you have the time to stop, change lanes, or maneuver around any obstacle.

● They trust that as they drive along, in that constantly moving 200 yards of space, they will be able to react and respond to everything that comes their way, and it’s all totally under their control. That’s all any entrepreneur needs: the next 200 yards.

● Their ability to think on their feet, to change direction at will, and to let their intuition run free will take care of everything, and they never doubt that, EVER.


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