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Are You an Entrepreneur? How an Entrepreneur REALLY Thinks!

Absence of Doubt

Entrepreneurs have a unique way of looking at things. Absence of doubt is a fundamental aspect of all entrepreneurial thinking. There is never a thought of ‘this can’t be done’. Of course, it can be done! The only question is ‘do I want to do it?’ There is never any thought of HOW either!

If someone, anyone, has done it before, it’s as good as done before they start. If it’s something that has never been done before, rather than think of the reasons why, how, or when, an entrepreneur is more focused on the winning, fame, glory, and profit of being the FIRST to get it done.

The ’How’ is really insignificant at that point. Their unshakeable self-confidence has carried them through all manner of challenges, problems, disasters, and outrageous victories. It will carry them through this adventure too. They just know it.

In addition, entrepreneurs rarely consider the risk involved. Risk is reserved for those mere mortals who don’t have their super-powers.

At no point does any entrepreneur ‘attempt’ to make money. They will make money alright, but whether it’s enough or whether it’s quick enough may well be a deal breaker, because entrepreneurs get bored easily.

They will walk away from amazing opportunities, because they have just ‘had enough’. It’s never about the money really. Ask any entrepreneur if they’ve walked away from massive pay days just because they were done with that project, opportunity, or business. Most of them will have a list!


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